Groundbreaking Women In Construction [GWIC] 2017 Event Networking

Want to know where the good-paying jobs are? The jobs of the future? Try technology fields. In this GSX-produced video hear from Nancy Novak, who works for Compass Datacenters.

Nancy is doing a lot these days to encourage other women to join STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields because there are plenty of high-paying jobs for women.

CareerPod by Transition Solutions

Fred Studley, Founder and CEO, talks with Ms Novak about her career in the Construction industry. The daughter of a construction industry executive, she traveled extensively, visiting her father’s job sites and decided that was her career ‘calling’. She worked her way up to very senior roles, responsible for billions of dollars in government and commercial projects with several large construction firms. They talk about her fundamental values, approach to managing large complex projects and diverse clients/constituents and what it was like being one of the first women, especially at an executive level, in the Construction industry. Finally, Nancy is much sought after as a lecturer as she shares her insights on management and women’s issues; especially in industries where they have yet to establish an equal presence.

2018 07 Career Pod by Transition Solutions


San Francisco, CA


Peggy Smedley and Nancy Novak sit down for a candid discussion about women in construction, interoperability challenges, and what needs to happen going forward.