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Since 1993

The core of Above Glass Ceilings LLC

We create awareness of the glass ceilings that exist and reinforce the belief in corporate leadership that diversity equals excellence, helping to create opportunities for women by assisting companies in embracing the value of empowered women leaders with resulting corporate growth.

A group of experienced professional women, we came together to help organizations thrive and grow emerging women leaders.

Our access to industry research, associations, and collaboration with other firms seeking the same practices is relentless, robust and available to you.

With our knowledge, tools, and resources we provide solutions tailored to a company’s culture and requirements.

Gender equity is not just about doing the right thing; it’s about smart business and gaining a competitive advantage.



know the Facts

Women are over half the population and they control a larger percentage of the pocket book in American households than men.  They are smart. They bring a different perspective than men do.  When they solve problems for women (life balance) it also solves the same problem for men.

Times have changed, we no longer have the Ozzie and Harriet nucleus of a family.

It’s time business changes too.

This Matters

As the world gets smaller through communication and technology, there are obvious global impacts related to giving women a voice to help with issues such peace, economic welfare, innovation, and such.

Think About It

Women lead differently and systematically, as we are raised in today’s society, we are taught what is normal, what is acceptable, what is “right.”

When you’re a boy and have a strong personality you’re touted for leadership skills. When you’re a little girl with those same qualities you’re told you’re being bossy.

Key Problem

Potential versus credential is a big issue that women face while advancing in the workplace – we’re different in how we think, act and work. It’s a good thing.

Recent research shows that women are advanced by employers and only seek advancement based on solid credential for the position.  Men, on the other hand, are advanced based on future potential regardless of their current credentials.  In fact, even without reliance on employer action, men ask for advancement after having achieved roughly 60% of the credential required while women hold back until they are 100% credentialed!

The Glass Ceiling is Relentless

Women used to hit a glass ceiling in their early 20's, or even in school.  Now they hit it in their 30's.  That’s when most of the women in today’s generation realize that there is a double standard and that the glass ceiling is very much alive.

Now the focus has shifted from getting women into organizations to getting them in positions that influence those organizations.