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Legal Equality and Human Rights

Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument, Washington DC

Celebrating Women's Equality Day 2018 with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Among other topics, Justice Ginsburg discussed why she still supports the Equal Rights Amendment:

The Equal Rights Amendment is designed specifically to make women of equal citizenship stature in all aspects of human activity. Another reason why I am a proponent of the ERA: Every constitution in the world written since the year 1950 has a provision among human rights guarantees that men are women are persons of equal citizenship stature. Our Constitution should have explicitly [included] such a provision, just like freedom of speech [and] freedom of the press, a fundamental tenet of our society should be the equal citizenship stature of men and women, and that’s what the ERA would do. Now when I take out the Constitution and show it to my granddaughters, I can’t point to a provision that says explicitly men and women have equal rights and obligations under the law. So I would like to be able to take out my pocket Constitution and show my grandchildren.

Women in Design + Construction WiD+C 2017

Scottsdale, AZ

Education Session

Leading Above: A Practical Guide On How To Create Impactful and Lasting Change In Your Career and Company
We've all heard about "potential versus credential," implicit bias, glass ceilings, and pay gap. Whether we like it or not, they exist and they are prevalent in our industry. And despite all of that, we're here because we love this industry and we love what we do. So what do we do? This session provides a practical guide to understanding and addressing the primary obstacles facing women in AEC. We'll review each issue and provide active solutions, ideas, and thoughts on what women can do to advance their career, as well as what leadership can do to influence company culture.


San Francisco, CA


Peggy Smedley and Nancy Novak sit down for a candid discussion about women in construction, interoperability challenges, and what needs to happen going forward.


San Francisco, CA


Identifying how to leverage the endless opportunities being provided by data in the office, at the jobsite, and throughout the building lifecycle of a project, pinpointing how next-generation technology is transforming the construction industry today.

Women in Government Relations, Financial Services Task Force

Washington, DC

20:1 Discussion with Representative Carolyn Maloney (NY-12)

Discussions with Maloney on issues ranging from Dodd-Frank, GSE, and healthcare reform to the possibility of a National Women's Museum in the Smithsonian Institute system on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

In conversation with the intimate group Maloney touched on key women's issues such as the gender wage gap and the need for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.


San Francisco, CA

Groundbreaking women in construction conference

AGC attended and contributed to the yearly gathering at this Premier Conference for Women Professionals in the Construction Industry to share ideas, grow awareness, and effect change among this STEM industry.

Procore Technologies

Austin, TX


Moderator and panelist with a strong and influencial group of woman who are leaders in the construction industry. The panel discussion was powerful and energetic on the topic of women in the construction industry and had a room overflowing with engaged listeners. This panel brought real momentum that will be carried forward for sure!

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Beverly Hills, CA

In the Studio with Kathy Ireland

AGC filmed in the studio twice with Kathy Ireland and was aired on Fox Business Channel nationally and Bloomberg internationally!

With Kathy we discussed awareness of the glass ceilings that exist, expressing our passion to make change viral and awareness spontaneous.

Women in Design + Construction Building Together Event

Newport Beach, CA


As expert panelist and panel moderator AGC participated in leading AEC women with a thought-provoking, interactive discussion on the state of equity and diversity in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields.

Women in Construction West Coast Conference

Coronado, CA

Women In

As expert panelist AGC participated as a key expert in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields, generating positive influence and lasting networking connections .

Literacy First Charter School

El Cajon, CA

K-1 Grade STEM integration

Speaking to the kids at a level that will effect change.  It starts this early and we are on it with a passion.