Below is a collection of resources designed to provide advice, news, and reports on advancing women in business. The AGC Library is always acquiring new content. Additionally, we are in the process of rolling out a database of organizations dedicated to the advancement of women and girls throughout the world.

Feel free to request our collective spreadsheet with reference links and hard copies of studies/articles.

Gender Equality-Research by KRC
ICEDR Study on the Challenges of Millennial Women
Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review
Catalyst, Pyramid: Women in S&P 500 Companies (January 15, 2020)
Role Of the Media
Accenture: Is Tech Experience a Stepping Stone ...
Deloitte: The Gender Dividend

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The gender gap in science, technology and innovation translates to missed talent, untapped discoveries and biased solutions. -World Economic Forum
The Strides Women Made in 2020 by United Nations

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